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Maunganui Bay is closed under section 186A of the Fisheries Act 1996 in respect of any species of fish, aquatic life, or seaweed, except for kina, for 2 years until 13th October 2020

(1) No person may take any species of fish, aquatic life, or seaweed, with the exception of kina, from Maunganui Bay while this notice is in force.

(2) In this clause,—

Kina means a shellfish of the species Evechinus chloroticus (also known as the sea egg) and includes the shellfish of the species Centrostephanus rodgersii (also known as the purple urchin)

Maunganui Bay means all that area of New Zealand fisheries waters enclosed by a line—

(a) commencing at Kariparipa Point (at 35°11.33′S and 174°17.59′E); then

(b) proceeding to the north-westernmost point of the rocks west of Kariparipa Point (at 35°11.36′S and 174°17.51′E); then

(c) proceeding generally south-west in a straight line to a point off the west side of Motuwheteke Island (at 35°12.01′S and 174°17.28′E); then

(d) proceeding generally south in a straight line to a point on the rocks outside the south entrance of Maunganui Bay (at 35°12.26′S and 174°17.32′E); then

(e) proceeding due east to the mean high-water mark; and

(f) proceeding along the mean high-water mark to the point of commencement.

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